How The Modern Media Can Influence Online and Real-World Entertainment Choices

How The Modern Media Can Influence Online and Real-World

Everyone has their own idea of what entertainment is. In the same way, everyone has their own preferences as to what entertainment options suit them best. From staying in to going out, fine dining, a quiet drink at the local pub, an evening at the opera, playing esports, or even checking out a crypto blackjack games platform and having a go at winning some big bucks, the options are almost innumerable. How we choose what to do with our social time is influenced by everything from our personalities to our budgets, our geographical locations, our social circles and much more. 

Putting aside the more social, economic, and personality-driven reasons for our entertainment choices, there are also important external factors at play. One of these is the media. Whether we like it or not, whether we admit it or not, the media plays a significant role in the world of entertainment. Not only is it a sector of the entertainment industry in and of itself, but it is also a powerful player when it comes to influencing people in terms of what they do, what they watch, where they go, and how much they spend. 

This media news platform and general media coverage of the entertainment industry is particularly resonant in the world of online entertainment choices. In what may now be called the old days, or at least the time before the internet emerged, entertainment was in the real, rather than the virtual world. Nowadays, with everything from online gaming, online betting, streaming movies and television series, online dating, online shopping, and more, our entertainment options in the virtual world are as numerous as they are in the physical world, and our media choices often verb our activities. 

How Media Messaging Can Be Powerful, Subtle And Cleverly Targeted

So, how are our choices influenced by news and media coverage, and how susceptible are we to these media-driven messages? What determines whether you’re going to check out crypto blackjack games or spend your evening browsing through eBay? Another question, perhaps, is how subtle, clever or targeted do these messages need to be before they genuinely influence the choices we make virtually and in-person? Much as our exposure to various media outlets may inform our views on the environment.

Many of the products we buy and services we use are necessities, such as hygiene products, food, drink, etc., but when it comes to discretionary spending, most people have what is called a domestic entertainment budget. That’s where the marketing and messaging is, arguably, more subtle and targeted. When people don’t have to spend money on something, getting them to do so can be more challenging.

With so many entertainment choices, this messaging often has to be clever and subtle, but targeted towards those most likely to be convinced. From social media to traditional media, online ads to billboards, media messaging garners attention, and can determine whether you put your cash into a movie night or your next lucky spin at a casino table. A quick glance or a longer look, a direct message to a subliminal suggestion, media messaging takes many forms, and one size never fits all. Ask any ad agency executive and I am sure they will attest, media news and coverage is the holy grail when it comes to influencing people toward certain entertainment choices. 

Product Placement To Movie Marketing, It’s All Fair Game To Social Media Platforms

Product placement and marketing movies used to be done on posters, billboards, and in the adverts during commercial network television programs. These days, the advertising landscape is vastly and irrevocably different. People don’t watch adverts on television as much; streaming services caused that decline. Billboards don’t always draw attention as people walk or travel through the streets looking at their smartphones. That means that it’s now usually essential, not optional, to advertise on social media

As bombarded as we are by media messages, and as saturated as the social media market may seem, it is one of the most powerful forces for advertisers and entertainment companies. This is especially true among younger generations, often the demographic with disposable income that can be spent on entertainment rather than mortgages or family upkeep. Advertisers know this, and in the modern media world, social media is one arena where influencing people to make entertainment choices is of particular importance. 


So, in conclusion, where are we now? Entertainment may be all about personal choice, but those choices are heavily influenced by the things we encounter. Naturally, all products and services we are drawn to should be approached with a caveat emptor approach, and now, the modern landscape gives us a greater opportunity to do online research, whether that’s through reviews or company background information. What is almost undeniable is the fact that our online and real-world entertainment choices are getting greater, and in tandem with that, the media influences and indeed influencers are also increasing in number and power.  

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