How Long Can Tiktok Videos Be [Updated]

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms, with users creating and sharing short, creative videos. 

With the increased video length limits, TikTok is also becoming a platform for longer-form content. 

We can discuss the original video length limits on TikTok and how they have changed, as well as offer tips on making the most of the increased video length limits.

 Even if you’re a casual user or looking to grow your TikTok following, this post will supply you with the updated information you need to create engaging, longer videos on the platform.

Original Video Length Limits

When TikTok first launched, the video length limit was 15 seconds. That was done to encourage users to create short, creative videos that could be easily consumed and shared. 

Over time, TikTok recognized that some users wanted to create longer, more in-depth videos, so they increased the video length limit.

In August 2018, the video length limit was increased to 60 seconds. It allowed users to create longer videos and add more complexity to their content. Even with this increase, many users felt that more than 60 seconds was needed to tell their stories.

TikTok recognized this and continued to increase the video length limit. In November 2019, TikTok introduced the option for users to create videos up to 3 minutes long. 

This significantly increased the previous limit, allowing users to create more in-depth, longer-form content. 

The 3-minute video length limit provided users with a lot of flexibility to create a wide range of content, from comedic skits to educational videos.

These video length limits have changed, and TikTok may continue to update the video length limit. Knowing the original video length limits is good to understand the platform’s evolution.

Increased Video Length Limits

TikTok has continued to evolve and adapt to its user’s needs, and in 2021, it decided to increase the video length limit again. The new video length limit is now 10 minutes. 

It significantly increases the previous limit оf 3 minutes, allowing users to create longer-form, more in-depth content. 

This change aims to allow creators to produce more engaging content, longer tutorials, and behind the scenes to give more context to their creative process.

Along with the increased video length limit, TikTok also introduced new video formats and features, such as adding captions, voice-overs, and background music tо the videos. 

These new features will allow users to create more engaging and interactive videos that a wider audience can enjoy. 

TikTok has also introduced a new feature that allows users to upload pre-recorded videos to the platform, which can be edited and published like a live video.

The update is good news for creators who want to use the longer video format and create more in-depth content. 

It also opens up new opportunities for businesses, educators, and other organizations that want to use TikTok to reach a wider audience with their message.

The video length limit might change again in the future, but for now, 10 minutes is the current limit, and users can take advantage of this to create more engaging content on the platform.

How to Make the Most of Longer Video

  1. Start with a strong concept: Before filming, take the time to develop a strong concept for your video. Think about what message you want to convey and what kind of content will be most engaging for your audience.
  2. Plan your shots: Once you have a concept, make a shot list and plan the shots you’ll need to tell your story. It will help you stay organized and make the most оf your time.
  3. Tell a story: Longer videos are great for telling stories, so use the extra time to create a narrative that will keep your viewers engaged. Use captions, voice-overs, and background music to make your story more engaging.
  4. Use the extra time to add detail: A longer video gives you more time to add detail to your content. You can include more information, behind-the-scenes footage, or even show how you made your video.
  5. Keep it interesting: Keep the content interesting and varied with longer videos. Mix up the shots, use different angles, and add special effects to keep things visually interesting.
  6. Edit and trim: After filming, take the time to edit and trim your video. That will help you create a polished final product that is engaging and easy to watch.
  7. Add interactive elements: Utilize the new features like polls, questions, and challenges tо make your video more interactive and engaging for the audience.
  8. Promote: Share your video on other social media platforms and encourage your followers to share it with their friends. The more people see your video, the more engagement you’ll get.

You can make the most оf the increased video length limits on TikTok and create engaging, longer-form videos that will keep your viewers interested. 


 TikTok has increased its video length limit to 15 minutes, allowing users to create more in-depth, longer-form content. 

To make the most of this increased video length limit, start with a strong concept, plan your shots, tell а story, keep it interesting, edit and trim your video and add interactive elements. 

You can create engaging and interesting videos to keep your viewers interested and increase your reach on the platform.



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