Guide to Boosting Game Download with Facebook Ads

Guide to Boosting Game Download with Facebook Ads

Facebook is the top platform for advertising. Whether you’re running an ad campaign or just want to expand your brand’s reach, Facebook can help with all of that. If you can convince the target audience of Facebook ads to download your game. According to the research, Facebook has 2.8 billion active users, which makes it easy to reach people who have an interest in games like yours. In this guide, we will discuss how to boost game downloads with Facebook ads. Let’s have a look for a better understanding!

Register Your Game with Facebook 

First, you’ll need to set up your mobile app install campaign. Then, you’ll have to sign up as an app developer on Facebook.

But if you’re not the one developing the game and you’re just the owner, you should share this information and a link with your app developer so they can get everything set up in the game app Dashboard. Let’s say you have an online pokies game, and you want to advertise it. Remember one thing, you should know a lot about your game and what it offers. The reason is that, as advertisers, the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. Besides, Facebook also lets you create custom audiences and optimize your app campaigns.

How to Increase Game Downloads: 6 Simple Steps 

If you have done all things, you can use these easy and useful ways to get more people to download your app with Facebook Ads.

Let’s discuss some simple steps to boost game downloads!

Focus on Target Audience 

If you want lots of people to download your app using Facebook ads, you need to target the right audience. For this, you need to group your customers based on things like age, where they live, gender, what they’re interested in, and what language they speak.

Study Your Existing Customers 

First, focus on your current customers. You need to make a list of the people who have used your services or bought something from you recently. Then, use the custom audience feature in your ads to show your new app to these people. Besides, you can change how you show the ads to fit your audience.

Cold Target Technique with Facebook Ads 

If you want to go for cold marketing, it is better to find a lookalike audience. You can also target users who are similar to your current audience. Plus, you can focus on people who already use your app regularly and help your business grow.

To do this, you’ll need to set up Facebook’s dashboard with your app. This works like the tracking pixel on websites but for mobile apps. It shows ads to people who are similar to your current users without knowing who they are. It also lets you see how people are using your app. If you want to target people who are likely to make purchases in your app, you can make a campaign for people who have made purchases before.

Creating Compelling Graphics and Videos 

If you want to get more people to download your app, you should create catchy images, links, short messages, and fun videos. These things can make your app look more interesting and encourage more people to download it. In short videos, you can show what your app does and how to use it. You can also explain how to download the app. 

Create an Engaging CTA Button for Your Ads 

A CTA button is a special button that tells people what to do, like “Download Now” or “Get Started.” Having the right CTA button boosts your game downloads. Remember one thing, you must focus on the color, style, and size of the CTA button because it affects your campaign. Lastly, you must choose the right place to place the button. 

Local Advertising Style with Local Interests 

When creating your campaign content, it’s better to use formats that work well with native advertising. These include stories, quizzes, surveys, infographics, and videos. By using this type of content, you can attract more people. The reason is that people love and have an attraction to local things. 

Wrapping Up

The sole purpose is to developing the game is to earn a huge profit. But it is only possible when your game has more downloads and ample brand awareness. But you can’t get our desired result without the Facebook ads campaign. In this article, we have discussed things in detail to boost game downloads with Facebook ads.

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