Fix for ”Try Again Later” on Instagram

Fix for ”Try Again Later” on Instagram

Have you ever gotten the “Try Again Later” message when using Instagram? This is particularly annoying when trying to upload a photo or video or see if you have any new alerts. 

Thankfully, this problem is usually easy to fix. Investigate why Instagram might be giving you a “Try Again Later” message and gain many fixes to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Understanding the cause of the error

Instagram’s servers, your internet connection, оr the app itself could all be to blame for the “Try Again Later” message. The most typical source of this error is a problem with your internet connection, so you should check that first before doing anything else.

If you know what caused the error, you can choose the best course of action tо correct it. Clearing the app’s cache and data or installing the latest version could be the answer if the error is app-related. If, however, the problem is on Instagram’s end, you might not be able to do much about it but wait for the servers to be fixed.

Common solutions

Check your internet connection. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet and that there are nо issues with your network that could be causing the error. If there are issues with your internet connection, try restarting your router or modem.

Restart the Instagram app. Closing the app and restarting it can often fix any temporary issues causing the error.

Clearing cache and data from the Instagram app is another solution to try. This will delete any temporary data stored by the app, which could be causing the error.

Updating the Instagram app is another common solution. If there are any bugs or glitches in the app, updating tо the latest version may resolve the problem.

Try checking with Instagram Support. The support team can assist you with any issues you may be encountering and provide additional solutions to fix the error.

Advanced solutions

 These solutions may require more technical knowledge but can effectively fix the error.

  1. Change DNS settings:
    • Step 1: Open your device’s settings
    • Step 2: Go to the “Wi-Fi” or “Network & Internet” section
    • Step 3: Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you’re currently connected to
    • Step 4: Tap on “Modify network” or “Advanced options
    • Step 5: Change the DNS settings to “Google DNS” or “OpenDNS
    • Step 6: Save the changes and try accessing Instagram again
  1. Disable VPN or proxy:
    • Step 1: Go to your device’s settings
    • Step 2: Tap on “Wi-Fi” or “Network & Internet
    • Step 3: Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you’re currently connected to
    • Step 4: Disable any VPN or proxy that may be active
    • Step 5: Try accessing Instagram again
  1. Reset Network Settings:
    • Step 1: Go to your device’s settings
    • Step 2: Tap on “General” or “System
    • Step 3: Tap on “Reset
    • Step 4: Tap on “Reset Network Settings
    • Step 5: Confirm the reset and wait for the device to restart
    • Step 6: Try accessing Instagram again
  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app:
    • Step 1: Go to your device’s home screen
    • Step 2: Find the Instagram app and tap and hold on to it
    • Step 3: Tap on “Uninstall” or “Delete
    • Step 4: Go to the app store and download the latest version of Instagram
    • Step 5: Open the app and log in to your account


For those who have encountered the Instagram “Try Again Later” problem, we know how aggravating it may bе, but we also know there are ways to fix it. 

There are a few things you can try tо fix the issue, from simple things like double-checking your internet connection to more complex things like resetting your network’s configuration. 

You can return to using Instagram normally if you take the appropriate technique and keep at it.

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