Fix For: “Ad Account Not Found” on Instagram

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Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes need to incorporate Instagram ads into their overall marketing strategies. The “Ad Account Not Found” issue may appear when creating an advertising campaign.

 Having this mistake prevent you from reaching your intended audience and accomplishing your marketing objectives is aggravating. Break down the typical reasons for the “Ad Account Not Found” error and learn how to fix it.

If you’re an old hand at marketing оr just starting, get back on track and maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram advertising campaigns.

Causes of the Error

Incorrect credentials are a common source of this issue. A minor error in your login information for Instagram Ads could cause this.

 Verifying the accuracy оf your login credentials is essential for avoiding this.

Suspension or removal of your advertising account is another possible reason for this message. Perhaps you broke Instagram’s advertising rules. You will need to submit a request to have your advertising account reinstated.

The “Ad Account Not Found” problem may also be brought on by a lack of authorization for the ad account. To fix this, check with the ad account’s owner tо ensure you have access, or take the appropriate steps to gain access yourself.

Finally, the “Ad Account Not Found” problem might be caused by incorrectly set up settings in the Facebook Business Manager. You may fix this by checking the connection between your ad account and Facebook Business Manager and fixing any faulty settings.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix the Error

Step 1: Verify Login Credentials

  • Check for typos in your email and password
  • If necessary, use your Facebook login credentials tо access your Instagram Ads account

Step 2: Check Ad Account Status

  • Verify that your ad account has not been suspended оr deleted
  • If your ad account has been suspended, request reactivation

Step 3: Check Permissions

  • Ensure that you have sufficient permissions to access the ad account
  • If necessary, request access from the account owner

Step 4: Verify Facebook Business Manager Configuration

  • Ensure that your ad account is correctly linked to your Facebook Business Manager
  • Troubleshoot any misconfigured settings


Getting the “Ad Account Not Found” error on Instagram might be frustrating, but it’s easy to fix. You may quickly go back tо optimizing your ad campaigns to check your Facebook Business Manager configuration, permissions, and login information.

 To keep successfully reaching your target audience and achieving your marketing goals on Instagram, you need to understand the causes of this problem and take the required steps to rectify it.

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