Features on Instagram: All the fun features you should know about on the Instagram app

Features on Instagram: All the fun features you should know about on the Instagram app

Many people are spending time on social media to pass time and stay updated with what is going on in the world. Social media has expanded its scope to not only being about letting people stay connected with each other, but now it also works as a source of news, entertainment, and creativity. 

When one says social media, many immediately think about platforms such as Facebook, X, and TikTok. However, the social aspect has also moved into other types of platforms, such as online casinos. On websites such as Casino777 you can find a wide variety of casinos, with some offering a social aspect to the gambling experience. On some of these online casinos, you can engage in online chat forums or live games, which allows you to enter a social set-up. By comparing various casino platforms, you can find many variations of social aspects to your online casino experience. 

The world of Instagram

One popular social media platform is Instagram, which is owned by Meta. This platform has evolved and continues to expand its features, which makes it a dynamic and engaging app for users all around the world. 

The variety of features on Instagram makes it a platform which speaks to both influencers, business owners, as well as to casual users. With the opportunity to share captivating photos, to engage in real-time conversations, Instagram meets the interests and needs of various audiences. 

Instagram stories

Instagram stories was introduced in 2016 and allows users to post photos and videos which will appear and be visible for 24 hours. The underlining idea of this feature is to encourage spontaneous sharing of activities and content, which keeps the content fresh and current. When posting a story, you can enhance the experience with text, stickers, GIFs, music, polls, quizzes, and much more.


  • You can save your favorite stories permanently on your profile.
  • You can choose to only share stories with a select group of people through ‘Close Friends’.
  • You can make stories more interactive by adding polls and quizzes, which encourages engagement from the audience.

IGTV (Instagram TV)

The Instagram platform has expanded the opportunities of its users to also share long-form video content. On IGTV, users can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long, and for verified users the length can be up to 60 minutes. IGTV is ideal for especially content creators and businesses looking to share in-depth content. The function is often used to share content such as tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews. 


  • You can watch the videos either directly in the Instagram app, or you can see them through the standalone IGTV app. 
  • You can enjoy various types of content, since IGTV both supports vertical and horizontal video formats.
  • You can interact with IGTV videos through likes, comments, and shares. 

Instagram reels

Instagram reels were launched in 2020 with the purpose of allowing users to engage in shorter videos. The feature allows users to create and discover short and engaging videos which are up to 60 seconds long. The reels feature similarities with TikTok, such as a variety of editing tools. These include audio tracks, Augmented Reality (AR) effects, and speed controls. If you want to increase the chance of reaching a broader audience, you can share reels on the Explore page. 


  • You can use the audio library to find popular songs and audio clips for your reels.
  • You can add texts, filters, and effects to enhance the video content.
  • You can share reels on either your feed, stories, or in the Reels tab on your profile. 

Shopping on Instagram

In 2020, Instagram rolled out full-screen storefronts, allowing brands to present their products. Essentially, Instagram Shopping transforms the app into a virtual storefront. It allows businesses to tag products in posts, stories, and reels, which connects the users to shopping directly from the app. By having this direct connection, it makes it easier for businesses to reach potential customers, and for users to discover and purchase products. 


  • You can lead potential customers directly to product pages by using tags in posts and stories. 
  • You are enhancing product discoverability since posts appear in the Explore tab.
  • You can create a dedicated Shop tab on your business profile. 

Instagram Live

Instagram has also introduced a live feature in the shape of Instagram Live. This feature allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers in real-time. It is a perfect feature for real-time engagement, which can take place through Q&A sessions, launching products, or by directly connecting with an audience. 


  • You can have your viewers comment and interact during the live stream. 
  • You can save live videos to your IGTV, or you can share them in your stories.
  • You can invite guests to join a live stream for collaborative sessions. 

AR filters

Augmented Reality (AR) filters add an interactive and fun element to both Instagram stories and reels. With these filters you can enhance your photos and videos with effects. These effects can be anything from subtle color adjustments to immersive virtual environments. 


  • You can explore and try out filters created by either Instagram or other users.
  • You can create your own AR filters by using Spark AR Studio.
  • You can enhance your content by using creating and engaging visual effects.

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