Casual Games with a Low Barrier for Beginners

Casual Games with a Low Barrier for Beginners

The gaming boom has slowly leveled over the last year—but mobile gaming remains a top priority for developers and players around the world. Compared to console or PC gaming, mobile titles are extremely accessible. With just a few clicks and a secure Wi-Fi connection, gamers have access to literally millions of games.

Instagram, TikTok, and other social media have played a critical role in supporting the mobile gaming movement. In a more passive sense, they’ve helped turn our focus toward our smartphones. If we spend an hour scrolling on social media, why not jump over for a quick game? 

In a more direct way, social media ads have helped introduce millions to their new favorite titles. Almost everyone today has a mobile game downloaded to their phone, from word puzzles to match-threes to side-scrollers. Still, that doesn’t mean all mobile games are accessible to their target audience.

If you’re new to mobile gaming and want to get started with a truly straightforward (and yet playable) game, then kick off your gaming journey with this list. Each title is available for mobile and has easy gameplay—guaranteed.


Roulette is one of the world’s most exciting and well-known casino games. You find this title available on just about any virtual casino. Long-standing brands like PokerStars Casino also offer mobile apps—which means you can start spinning the wheel with just a few clicks. To play this game, simply choose your bet(s) and then spin the wheel to see where the ball lands. From there, you can start tinkering with your own unique strategic approach to the game.

A Short Hike

Roulette delivers excitement in a short format—but A Short Hike is more focused on nature. This game is all about taking gamers to a peaceful forest on a mountain. From there, they can explore the lovely scenery at their own pace. But you will run into a few obstacles along the way, from collecting golden feathers to reacting to dangerous situations. However, the focus is on relaxation, meaning no jump scares or boss battles.

Casual Games with a Low Barrier for Beginners

Stardew Valley

You’ve probably heard of this farming simulator—and here’s your sign to download it. This open-world game starts off with players being bequeathed a rundown farm. As they put it back into running order, they can explore, farm, and even socialize with others in town. There’s also a multiplayer mode that allows players to build and create a homestead with others. That makes this great for anyone who wants to start gaming with a friend.


The premise in Superflight is incredibly straightforward: take to the skies and be filled with delight. Similar to A Short Hike, Superflight relies on really charming and cute visuals. They’re endlessly entertaining, compelling you to keep flying to see what’s around the next corner. While you may not have heard of this game (despite the fact that it was first released in 2017), it’s one of the highest-rated games on the Steam Store with a perfect 10/10 score.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a small but mighty puzzle game. Like the title suggests, players must help organize transportation systems in a series of cities. If you’re not the brainiest gamer, don’t worry. The puzzles start off slow and steady, allowing you to get the hang of the mechanics. However, there are 34 levels for you to get through—and each presents a more puzzling obstacle. Only the truly dedicated will finish this game. Still, it’s a great option to have in your back pocket (literally) for those days when your brain won’t seem to shut off.

Zookeeper World

Zookeeper World is one of the newest games to make waves in the casual mobile world. It offers a new twist on the beloved match-three setup from games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. As players advance with their matching skills, they’ll also slowly build a zoo of their own making. This adds a dash of storytelling to the game, which many players have enjoyed.

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