Can You See Who Saved Your Tiktok Videos?

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The number of people using TikTok daily reflects that it is one of the most widely used social media sites in the world. Quick, bite-sized video is a go-to for many of us when we need a quick dose of something inspiring, informative, or fun.

To whom their videos have been saved is a common concern among Tiktok users. This is a fair worry, as we all want to know who is watching and interacting with our material.

We’ll study the privacy settings on Tiktok and if it’s possible to know who saved your videos. We will also discuss the significance of privacy on the platform and different methods for tracking participation.

Understanding Tiktok’s Privacy Settings

TikTok has a set of privacy settings that allow users to control who can see their content and interact with it. 

Examine these settings to ensure that your privacy is protected and that you only share your content with the people you want to see it.

Tiktok allows you to choose who can see your videos by setting your account private оr public. If your account is private, only people who follow you can see your videos, while if your account is public, anyone can see your videos. 

Tiktok allows you to control who can interact with your videos, such as commenting, sharing, or saving. Regularly review and adjust your privacy settings to ensure that they align with your preferences and that you are comfortable with who can see and interact with your content. 

By taking control of your privacy settings on Tiktok, you can have peace of mind that your content is being shared with the right people.

The Ability to See Who Saved Your Tiktok Videos

One of the features that Tiktok users often ask about is the ability to see who saved their videos. Unfortunately, at this time, Tiktok does not offer a feature that allows users tо see who has saved their videos. This means that you won’t be able to see a list of users who have saved your videos directly within the app.

Just because you can’t see who saved your videos оn Tiktok, it doesn’t mean that your videos are not being saved. TikTok users can save videos to their devices or share them with others, even if they don’t see the saves or shares within the app.

Other Ways to Know Who is Interested in Your Videos

While Tiktok does not currently offer a feature to see who saved your videos, there are other ways to track engagement and see who is interested in your content.

  1. Use Tiktok Analytics: TikTok offers an analytics tool that allows you to track the performance of your videos and see how they are being engaged with. To access your analytics, tap on the “Profile” icon and then tap on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, select “Analytics.” This will give you information about the views, likes, comments, and shares your videos are receiving.
  2. Use Third-Party Apps: There are third-party apps that claim to show you who saved your Tiktok videos. Exercise caution when using these apps аs they may not be reliable or secure. Before downloading any third-party app, research it thoroughly to ensure that it is trustworthy and will not compromise your privacy.

The Importance of Privacy on Tiktok

Many internet users today worry about their personal information being exposed due to the prevalence оf online platforms. This is especially true for platforms like Tiktok, where users are sharing personal information and content with a potentially large audience.

Tiktok’s privacy settings give you some say over who may see your videos and engage with them, but it’s ultimately up to you to make the most of them. Your personal information and content can be better protected if you regularly review and modify your privacy settings.


Even if there isn’t a way to know which users have saved your videos on Tiktok right now, you may still learn about your audience by using other forms of interaction tracking. Learning how tо use Tiktok’s privacy settings and making necessary adjustments on a regular basis will guarantee that your personal information remains secure. 

By taking control of your privacy on Tiktok, you can enjoy the platform while keeping your personal information and content safe.

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