Can I Connect Pandora to Discord

Can I Connect Pandora to Discord

Although they serve quite different objectives, two of the most well-known online services, Discord and Pandora, both provide users with a special way to interact with one another and share their creations. Gamers, communities, and businesses use Discord to talk to one another, share files, and make voice and video calls. The other option is Pandora, a music streaming service where customers may listen to their favorite songs and find new musicians to enjoy.

Users of both services may wonder if they can establish a connection between Pandora and Discord. You may like tо listen to music with your fellow players or upload your playlists to the server your community uses. 

Perhaps you’re a company owner interested in adding music to your Discord server. The question of whether or not Pandora can be integrated with Discord arises for various reasons. 

Delve into the answer tо that question and set up a connection between Pandora and Discord, fix frequent problems, and explore other options for integrating the two services. 

What is Pandora?

Pandora has you covered whether you’re looking for mainstream radio singles or more obscure indie tunes. It first went live in the year 2000 and has since grown to become one of the world’s most widely used music streaming services.

Pandora is a music streaming service that creates custom radio stations based on a user’s tastes in music (such as their preferred songs, performers, and genres).

Pandora’s Music Genome Project is a cutting-edge technology that analyzes and classes songs according to more than 450 musical characteristics, such as melody, rhythm, instrumentation, and vocals. So, Pandora can tailor its radio stations to each user’s tastes.

There are free and premium tiers of service available for Pandora users. Some skip and song repeat restrictions on the free plan and advertisements are also included. The premium Pandora Plus subscription removes ads, lets you skip songs as often as you choose, and lets you save playlists for offline listening. 

You may also subscribe tо Pandora Premium and gain access to all of Pandora Plus’ features, searching for and playing any song you like, making your playlists, and listening to albums and podcasts.

You can listen to Pandora on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and it’s also compatible with smart speakers and other Internet-connected gadgets. Pandora is a well-liked option for music enthusiasts who wish to explore new music and listen to their favorite tracks, thanks to its massive song catalog and innovative personalization system.

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat and file-sharing software made specifically for gamers to keep in touch with one another during online gaming. It has become a widely used online communication process among various groups, from professionals to hobbyists to social clubs.

Discord’s capabilities include voice and text chat, video calls, file and screen sharing, and more. Users can set up and join “servers,” virtual meeting places for online conversation. Users have the option of connecting to either public or private servers.

Discord’s built-in tools and capabilities include assigning users to groups, designing your own emotes, and connecting to third-party services. The ability to divide a server into smaller “rooms” (called “channels“) devoted to various themes оr activities is one of Discord’s most sought-after functions. Users can hold private discussions within the context of a public forum.

All modern smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and web browsers can use Discord. Discord Nitro, a premium service with access to features like improved audio quality and user-created wallpapers, is available for both free and paid users.

Can I Connect Pandora to Discord?

You can’t link Pandora up with Discord. While both Discord and Pandora are social media built for group entertainment, there is currently no way to play music from Pandora inside a server built on Discord.

You can’t directly stream Pandora music in Discord, but there are several ways around this.

How to Connect Pandora to Discord

It’s not currently possible to connect Pandora to Discord directly. Alternative methods that can be used to play music from Pandora on a Discord server:

  1. Use a music bot, such as Rythm, Groovy, or Fredboat, which can bе added to your Discord server and used to play music from various sources, including Pandora.
  2. Use third-party software, such as Virtual Audio Cable or Audio Router, to route the audio output from Pandora to a virtual input device, which can then bе selected as the input source in Discord.
  3. Play music from Pandora on your computer or device, and use the “Share Screen” feature in Discord to share the audio output with others in the voice channel.


Even if there isn’t a simple way to stream music from Pandora in a Discord server at the moment, there are workarounds. Among these techniques is “music bots” or third-party software redirecting Pandora’s output to a simulated input device. 

While streaming music in Discord, ensure you have the proper authorizations and comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

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