Best Animal Hashtags For Instagram Reels or Posts

Best Animal Hashtags For Instagram Reels or Posts

Tagging your posts with the right hashtags is key for getting more eyes on your furry friend’s adorable antics. With these top trending hashtags, you’ll be sure to rack up the likes and comments. Get ready to learn the secret sauce for making your pet’s Instagram pop! Let’s dive in and start tagging your fluffy friend to social media stardom.

Why You Should Use Animal Hashtags On Instagram

  • Connect with other pet lovers: Hashtags are a great way to connect with other pet lovers on social media. When you use popular tags like #cats or #dogs, your posts will be seen by tons of other animal fans. But you have to be a little strategic with it, too. Going not so broad with something like #purrfectpet or #dogdaddy will actually get your posts in front of more eyes.
  • Gain more exposure: When people search those hashtags, your post may pop up. If they like what they see, they just might give you a follow. Over time, using the same hashtags can really help build up your follower base.
  • Inspire and be inspired: Scrolling through pet posts on Instagram can really brighten your day. It’s always so cute seeing what outfits or toys other people come up with for their furry friends. And who knows, maybe one of those posts will give you some inspiration for your own pet. Or maybe your pet pics will encourage someone else to adopt an animal in need of a home. Social media can really bring people and pets together.

Cats And Kittens

If you want to gain more exposure for your feline friend on Instagram, using popular hashtags is key. Here are some of the most used and best tags for cats and kittens:


This is by far the most popular hashtag for cats with over 200 million posts. Use this tag and your photo will instantly reach a huge audience of cat lovers.


With over 70 million posts, #kitten is perfect for showing off your little ball of fluff. Kittens are irresistibly cute and bound to get lots of likes and comments. We all know that cats will always be our babies, no matter how old they get. So don’t be afraid to share your fluffy friend using #kitten even if they’re adults.


At over 50 million posts and counting, #catstagram is another very popular community for cat people. Use it to connect with other cat owners and show off your cat’s silly antics or latest adventures.

#meow, #purr or #purrmachine

These onomatopoeic tags are simple but effective, with over 10 million posts each. They capture the essence of what makes cats so adorable in a single word.

#tabbycat, #siamesecat, #sphynxcat or #ragdollcat

Don’t forget to use breed-specific hashtags to reach people interested in cats of a particular breed. These types of niche tags typically have between 1 to 5 million posts each.


The popular cat distribution system is the universe’s way of making sure we get a kitten exactly when we need one the most, even if we don’t realize it at the time. If that’s ever happened to you, you should totally use the hashtag #catdistributionsystem when you post about it online. It’s a nice way to spread the word about how kittens have a way of finding us when we’re going through a rough patch.

Dogs And Puppies

Dogs and cats are really the most shared animals online. If you’ve got a pup, here are some hashtags that are great for getting your puppy or a senior dog more followers


This is probably the most popular hashtag for sharing photos of your furry friend. It has over 220 million posts and is a great way to connect with other dog owners and get more eyes on your posts. When using this hashtag, be sure to post an adorable photo of your dog looking right at the camera for the best engagement.


Who doesn’t love puppy photos? This hashtag has over 51 million posts and is perfect for sharing photos of your new puppy. Whether it’s a shot of them napping, playing, or just gazing up at you with those adorable puppy eyes, this hashtag is sure to get lots of likes.


If you have a rescued dog, this hashtag is ideal for raising awareness about shelter dogs in need of a home. This hashtag has over 9 million posts and encourages other rescue dog owners to share the story of their dog’s journey to finding their forever home. Post an inspiring photo of your rescue dog and share a bit about where they came from.

#dogmom or #dogdad

These hashtags, with over 2 million and 1 million posts, respectively, are great for sharing the joy of being a dog parent. Post a photo of you and your pup engaging in an activity together, like going for a walk, cuddling on the couch, or even just making silly faces at each other. Your followers will surely be able to see the bond you share!


When posting photos of wild animals like birds, forest critters, or fish, the following hashtags will help ensure maximum visibility.


This broad hashtag covers all types of animals in their natural habitat. Use it for photos of animals in national parks, forests, jungles or your own backyard. It currently has over 177 million posts, so while popular, the competition is high.


For stunning portraits, action shots or close-ups of animals, add this hashtag. With over 114 million posts, it reaches wildlife photographers and appreciators alike. Mention the type of animal in the photo as well, e.g. #wildlifephotography #elephants.


This fun, popular hashtag with over 292 million posts highlights favorite animals, pets, and wildlife on Instagram. It’s a great all-purpose tag for any animal photo. Get creative and combine it with the animal name, e.g. #animalsofinstagram #giraffes.


For truly spectacular wildlife photos, add this hashtag to gain exposure from National Geographic’s massive Instagram following of over 136 million. Your photo may even be featured as their “Photo of the Day.” Only add this tag for your highest-quality, most striking images.

Farm Animals And Other Pets

If you like posting farm pics or spending time with animals, these hashtags will get you more followers and likes on your reels and photos.


What pet owner doesn’t love showing off their furry friends? This popular hashtag is perfect for photos of your horses, pigs, goats, sheep, and more. Snap a photo of your animals in a picturesque farm setting and share using #farmanimalfriday.


Any furry friend that has little bean pads for feet and just lights up your whole world deserves to have that hashtag under their pic or clip. Because existence is way more fun with bonus paws involved!


With over 200 million posts, this is one of the most used hashtags for sharing photos of any and all pets. Use it for photos of your dogs, cats, birds, small animals and farm critters. The huge number of posts means high visibility and lots of likes.


At over 150 million posts and counting, #petsofinstagram is ideal for photos of your furry and feathered family members. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, hamster or hedgehog, share a cute photo with this hashtag.


For extra sweet photos of your adorable animals, add #cutepetclub. At over 2 million posts, your photo is sure to get noticed by other animal lovers. Snap photos of your pets at their cutest and share with this hashtag.


If you have a fluffy animal like a sheep, angora rabbit, long-haired cat or Pomeranian, use #weeklyfluff. This hashtag, with over 1 million posts, is perfect for sharing photos of your fuzzy, feathery, or fluffy pets.

Ready To Get More Exposure?

You’ve got all the ingredients for animal awesomeness on Instagram. With these pawsome hashtags, you can spread cuteness, humor, and pet love across Instagram. Your furry friends will bring joy to feeds everywhere with the right hashtags.

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