All You Must Know About Online Creative Suite

Do you know how the use of Creative Suite is transforming people’s lives through ease, perfection, and profits in editing? It doesn’t only offer a variety of features and tools but also offers a great number of benefits to its users. If you haven’t used this Suite before, this article is for you. It would help you develop a better understanding of what this creative suite is about and how it benefits you. Being a complete package, this CapCut Creative Suite includes everything e.g. online video editor, photo editor, watermark-free downloads, Cloud space, team collaboration, free templates, etc. So, let’s explore this outstanding editor here which is becoming the most popular among people all around the world. 

What is an Online Creative Suite?

An Online Creative Suite is an all-in-one platform to transform ordinary photos and videos into dramatically appealing artistic masterpieces. Nowadays, a great number of successful content creators use this incredible all-in-one stop to take photos/videos that go viral. With the use of AI tools and machine learning technology, this Suite enables real-life transformations that speak for themselves. 

The core components of this Creative Suite include an online video editor, online photo editor, free commercial/personal templates, Magic AI tools, etc. It also assures watermark-free unlimited downloads, free account creation, cloud backup, team management, etc. The next section will give you more insights into how this Suite benefits you through its potential features. 

How Creative Suite Benefits Through its Features?

A Creative Suite benefits through its features in the following ways to its users. 

  • Makes Your Videos Go Viral

Its online video editor makes videos that go viral instantly. Yes, this is not a joke because its video editor is enriched with premium and professional tools. For example, there are auto-generated captions, manual subtitle options, text effects, music effects, audio effects, audio submerging features, etc. Similarly, there are functions such as adding transitions, removing/adding backgrounds, and filters, and compressing videos, etc. You can also resize, trim, and crop your videos and save them in your desired extension. 

  • Dramatically Transformed Photos

In addition to videos, it also transforms random photos into those masterpieces that your eyes won’t believe that you created. The AI tools in this editor help transform your images in a professional way that is impossible to do manually. There are lots of frames, filters, text effects, basic editing features, advanced editing features, or everything to transform photos. It also allows you to generate the relevant color palettes for your photos and pick up the best themes for them. 

  • Free Templates for Commercial/Personal Use

Moreover, there are tons of free-to-use personal and commercial templates that you can use to transform your photos. You can use them to create any personal file or to create any particular official or business file. For example, you can use a product sale template and edit the photo and sale offer in it. With only a few changes, you will be done creating the most appealing advertising/marketing photo. 

  • No Professional Skills Required Due to AI 

The most impressive benefit of using this Suite is that it doesn’t require you to have any particular editing skills. Even a child can use this Suite perfectly due to its AI-based automatic tools and features. Whatever you want to do, you need to click on the relevant button. The editor will generate the desired transformations for you. For example, you can use this Suite for generating portraits, optimizing colors, color correction, text to speech free conversion, and upscaling videos and photos. 

  • Team Collaboration, File Management, and Cloud Backup 

Besides, there is a proper space for saving your files, editing, accessing, and sharing them with your colleagues and friends. You can create your account here with the cloud backup and invite your coworkers here. All of you can work here in collaboration with each other and keep sharing your content for reviewing purposes. You can also use it to make, review, and share official presentations and simply keep them for personal use. 

  • Time and Cost Saving Suite

Through the automation of processes, this Suite makes the editing process very short and quick. As a result, it doesn’t only make you feel relieved and stress-free but also saves you precious time. Instead of spending hours editing and affecting your health, you can use this Suite and save your time to relax and enjoy. Moreover, it also helps you save your hard-earned money by not asking you to pay for any tool/feature. This is in fact the biggest benefit of using this amazing Creative Suite online for free. 

  • Download with Watermarks

Last but not least, all of your final photos and videos won’t contain any editor’s watermark or logos. They are free from such additions and thus, you can take full credit for all transformations. All these features and benefits add greater value to this already incredible Creative Suite. 

How to Use Online CapCut Creative Suite?

Want to use this impressive Creative Suite by CapCut? Here are the shortest, easiest, and quickest steps to use it.

  • Step 1: Signup

Visit the URL to open the online Creative Suite on your screen. On its first page, you will see the free signup button. Click on it (Signup for Free button) and start creating your account. In no more than a few seconds, you will create your account. Verify it through your email ID and use your login information to sign in to your account. 

  • Step 2: Upload

Navigate to the upload page of the editor you want to use. For video editing, open the online video editor. For photo editing, click on the online photo editor. Then, open the video or photo upload space and drag and drop your file here. You can also import it from Dropbox, Cloud, or Google Drive. 

  • Step 3: Edit

Then, look at your left and right side panels for the editing tools. Most of the tools are on your left side but some are also on the right side. Use anyone of these to uplift your photos and videos. Replace their old background with the more strikingly beautiful new ones. Add text effects to them and use shapes and stickers to further enhance them. Also, don’t forget to optimize your photos for the best colors that uplift the photos’ aesthetics. For videos, don’t forget to add subtitles, text effects, audio, noise reductions, transitions, etc. All of these elements combine to create photos and videos that are more aesthetically appealing, and interactive, and go hit within hours. 

  • Step 4: Export

In the end, use the Export button to download or save the final results to your laptop or mobile. You can also save them to your Cloud storage. Similarly, you can share them with your team, or on any social media sites. Repeat the same process for transforming other photos and videos by using this incredible Suite. 


Using an Online Creative Suite that offers all functions for free in one platform is a lifesaver. It doesn’t only help you create dramatically impressive videos and photos but also saves you time and fatigue. It also protects you from developing unnecessary stress for perfect transformations or disappointment at the end results. So, must use this amazing Creative Suite to have a pleasant and more joyful experience of editing photos/videos while enjoying accurate results.

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