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What Are Instagram Stories

Insta stories (short for Instagram stories) launched in August 2016, is a feature within the Instagram app where users can capture and post related photos and video (up to 60 seconds in length) content in the slideshow format. Stories offer various features to help users make communication with followers even more meaningful and easier.

The Instagram platform gives its users an option to check out the list of people who have viewed your stories when using the app on their phone. Users can also adjust privacy settings for their stories, choosing who and who can’t see their content. While stories are automatically public, users can switch their profiles to private, which allows only approved followers to see their content. So analyzing content performance/improvement and involvement has never been easier than before.

InstaStories Viewer - The Sneaky Way To Watch Instagram Story Anonymously

Instagram story viewer is a free online web based tool that enables you to watch Insta stories anonymously with no Instagram limitations. You can also save storiesIG from any public profile automatically with no charge. The app is compatible with any device and OS and no third-party app installation required. IGStories are the most exclusive type of publication as you share live content that will be disappeared within 24 hours. Let’s own up to it. Sometimes you want to go back and rewatch it or use for your social media marketing strategy.

Advantages of Using InstaStories Viewer

Anonymity - Safe and Secure

You can watch and download Insta stories with our IG viewer, which is unrelated to your own account. The Instagram account owner can not see your data in their views statistics. So 100% private.

No Login or No Registration Required

There is no need to register an account to watch Instagram profile using our InstaStoriesViewer. You also have the options to view account stories, reels video and other publications without registration or third-party app installation.

Compatible with all Devices and OS

Anonymous Insta Story viewer or called IgAnony is available for using from a computer, smartphone, tablet. There are no limits. Make sure only you have Internet access. Just need to visit our app, type in the desired user name, and start spying privately.

How to Use Online Instagram Stories Viewer

You’ll get full profile info including exact IG username, ID and other options to watch Insta stories anonymously or download them locally in your device (photos or gallery).

Frequently Asked Questions

Our app does not require any registration and is entirely free and no limitation. You can use our Story viewer at anytime for free.

No. Insta Stories viewer is an online web-based app that you can use without installing any software or extension. You can use our tool free and it is private mode. 

Yes you can view and download Insta Stories, Reels Video as well as Photos easily using free app.

Yes of couse. You can use a computer or smartphone/tablet to view Insta stories anonymously. All you need is a internet connection and the username of the person you want to view profile. Our tool is compatible with many devices, including computers, tablets, iPhones/ipad, and Androids.

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