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7 Ways You Can Use InVideo Apps to Make Insta-Worthy Videos

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Instagram has become a wonderful source of promoting your business and short videos are the medium through which you can do it. 

You will, however, need engaging videos to achieve the desired business results; for this, you need to try the InVideo app once. It has all the tools that will help you make Insta-worthy videos effortlessly. 

In this article, we are giving you hacks that will help you get started (but let me tell you there is much more to this app). Give it a read and get started!

AI Video Editor 

You can use the AI video editor to create mind-blowing videos within minutes. All you need to do is think of a topic around which you want to create your video. Now, use AI to build a script around your topic (AI will build the whole script itself). Once the script is ready you can use AI for voiceovers and making scenes. This is one of the easiest ways of making professional content. 

AI Talking Avatar 

You can create a video with a human presenter, just by using the tools available with InVideo. There are pre-set Avatars available with InVideo that you can use; or if you are interested in creating your own Avatar, even that is possible. Adding a human presenter adds the element of authenticity to your video (which becomes even more important if you are making a narrative video). 

To create your Avatar, you will need to update a few images of the Avatar you want. You will then need to add a script related to the Avatar and give your voice to the Avatar; you can do this either by recording your own voice or using a preset voice. You will see that your choice of Avatar (the human presenter) is created within no time. 

Converting Text to Video

You can make a video, with the help of AI, just by adding instructions via text. To achieve this, you will need to type the topic of the video and add all the special instructions for making this video. You can choose the tone of the video and the target audience so that your creation clicks amongst your choice of customer base. 

You will be able to use this feature for all kinds of topics, right from finance & health to commentaries & motivational speeches. Also, using this feature is as simple as sending a text to anyone on your contact list! 

If you are looking for a cost-effective video creation solution? InVideo has got you covered! Use the coupon to unlock amazing discounts and start producing high-quality videos without the high price tag; try out the free version first & then go for subscription. 

Create Slideshow Videos

You can create a slideshow video with the help of a slideshow maker. You will just need to enter a prompt and then AI will help in creating video. The AI Slideshow maker will create a script and find the right background music and footage that will be appropriate for your video.  InVideo has a collection of more than 10 million stock media and you can pick images from this collection, for your video. You can also add text to this creation.

This kind of slideshow comes in handy when you wish to give an impressive presentation or create a product explainer. If you want to create a slideshow from the images present in your photo gallery, then you can do that as well.

Instagram Reels Maker

You will find a tool with InVideo named ‘Instagram Reels Maker’. There are more than 6000 templates available in InVideo that are created to impress Instagram users, and you can use these templates in your reels.

You can also customize the template by adding various special effects like transitions, filters, text boxes, etc. These templates come in very handy, especially when you wish to make product popularity videos; these reels will help you connect better with your audience base and increase your brand’s value.

Video Collage Maker

You can make a collage out of your videos and images, using this video collage maker. You can find a lot of preset templates that you can use to make the collage. You can also add music, filters, transition effects, etc. to your collage video, using this tool.

When you use this tool, it becomes very easy to sync the video with the background music (because the templates are pre-cut to the music in the background). You can use this tool to create collage videos for making product portfolio videos.

Promo Video Maker

Promo videos essentially are made to inform your potential customers about your new products and services. Some examples of such videos are product explainers, end-of-season sale ads, app promo video, and new product launches. You can inform your customers about the product’s benefits and features in such promo videos.

At InVideo, you will find a lot of templates with the help of which you can make effective promo videos, and for every occasion. With the help of these videos, you will be able to effectively engage with your customers.

Last Words

InVideo is a magic app that can get so much done with very little involvement. Apart from the mentioned tools in the article, you will also find a lot of quick tools to compress, convert and trim Instagram videos. You will also find a lot of sector-wise templates to advertise your product & brand. In short, if creating engaging videos is a part of your job then you should definitely try InVideo once; you can also take the monthly subscription if the app works for you.

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